Zombie Boy Is Dead

Zombie Boy Is Dead

Photocredit: Hollywoodlife

 Rick Genest is an artist and well known in fashion circles, he is popularly known as “Zombie Boy” is dead. He wrote his name in the Guinness World Records (139) as the person who had most tattooed numbers on his body.  He was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was 15 and the young boy’s life was in danger. He did a successful brain tumor operation and he was acknowledged that he should do whatever he wanted to do to keep him going.

Photocredit: webgranth

 Zombie boy is very popular in the fashion world and has appeared on the covers of various magazines. Rick Genest has advertised the cover brand DelaMaBube which   show his talent to world for better view. According to feednews “Rick Genest(Zombie boy) was found dead in an apartment in Montreal, Canada, at the age of 32. Now we can only hope that he will be happy in heaven.”


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