You Fit Hear Tree Too

You Fit Hear Tree Too

As for me, trees been one of the most successful preachers. Them be like lonely person. Trees no be like hermits wey them steal for hin weakness but e be like great solitary men like Beethoven and Nietzsche. As their roots dey hold to the ground with no limit, trees no lose themselves for their roots but still dey struggle for their lives for one thing only and that thing na to build up their own form, na to represent themselves. Nothing dey religious, nothing deserve wey we suppose admire and copy pass beautiful, strong tree. 

Trees dey sanctuaries. Person who sabi speak to trees, wey fit hear them, na that person wey fit learn the truth. No be say them just dey preach learning and precepts. Trees also dey preach our forefather law of life.
One tree talk say: one kernel dey hide in me, na spark, na thought, e be life from long lasting life. The attempt and risk wey the eternal mother take for me dey unique: unique for form and veins dey my skin, unique for small small leaves for my branches and that small small scar for my bark.  My creation na to form and reveal the eternal wey dey this small small special detail. Abeg, which tree dey talk am?
Another tree talk say: My strength na trust. I know no anything about my fathers, I know no anything about thousands pikin wey spring out for my body every year. I continue to dey live on to secret wey dey my seed. I believe say dey live God inside me. I believe say my labor dey holy. And for all my believes I dey live. Which tree am?

When life dey give us gbedu wey we no fit dance to and e dey give us blazing body hitting, then a tree wan yan us something: Be still! Be still! See me as I dey so! Life no easy my friend , in fact life dey difficult. All those kind thinking sound childish. Give God chance make He speak within you, and all childish thinking go kule. You dey anxious because your way or that path wey you dey follow somehow dey comot you near mama and home abi. But every step wey you dey take every day come lead you back to mama. The truth be home no here and also no dey there. Home wey you dey look for dey within you, or make we say home no dey anywhere  at all. Na every way wey you take lead home, na every step be birth, na every step be death, na every grave be mother.
So the tree rustles in the evening, when we stand uneasy before our own childish thoughts: Trees get long thinking, long-breathing and restful  as them get longer lives pass humans. Trees wise pass us as far we no listen and see them as good example. But if we fit listen to wetin trees dey talk then the quality and fast in thinking wey we go achieve go be incomparable. Whoever learn him way to listen to trees no wan be like trees again but he wan be nothing except wetin he be.


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