Wetin You Think Of Aging

Wetin You Think Of Aging

People dey use age to make convenient excuse. ‘I too old to do new things’, or, ‘I no fit learn that my age.’ Other people wey no dey think am dey achieve their greatest accomplishments for old age.

            Catherine Pulsifer

I believe say we fit stay young on to say we dey surround ourselves with things wey dey make us feel young.     

               David DeNotaris

We suppose dey count changes and events wey dey happen. No be years.

             Charles Dickens

Man be like wine. Some go turn vinegar, but best wey dey among go improve with age.

               C.E.M. Joad

However, aging na natural consequence because say we dey alive. E dey happen to every cell for our body – and on to every body wey dey planet. Na every living thing dey get older.

                Liisa Kyle

Science don yan us say people who like to dey jot down things regularly dey very close to get cognitive and memory loss as aging dey hit them.

                Christian J. Borg

Age fit wrinkle the face, but na lack of enthusiasm dey wrinkles the soul.

               Danish Proverb

You no get young as you used to be. But you no get old as you go be.

              Irish Saying

I no go get old . As for me, old age na for person wey senior me 15 years. 

             Francis Bacon

Age no be for only time, or we no suppose see old man and bend at forty and men young at seventy-three.

              Edgar A Guest

Age…na matter of feeling, no be years.

            George W. Curtis

Aging na natural part of life and dey bring many changes for each of us. Some of these changes dey happen gradually over time and fit go unnoticed until e reach certain point wey we go dey get aware of them and we no fit deny them.

             Nina W. Brown

Keep this for mind , graduation fit take place any age and e fit happen many times for your lifetime.

               Mike Finley

Sometimes people dey describe my hair gray, but I prefer make e be silver, for I go never grow gray. Gray na mind-set, na metaphor for growing old, but silver na vibrant and alive, celebration of life.

            Marty Norman

Aging no be for make you dey watch your dreams dey fly away because you dey think you no fit achieve them again. 

             Susie Harper

Count your age on to your friends and count your life on to your smiles… 


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