Twilight is said to be the light from the sky at the end of the day when the night is fast approaching. Do you know you can still make use of that little light up above to cover up left out things you’ve not covered during the day?  I know you will be like that’s impossible! Yeah, it is impossible because you’ve chosen to make not possible. In life, you don’t make use of all your factors, but pick out and keep the rest for other difficulties. Aim high, target the shooting stars, fire you bullet, and if you miss reload and fire again. Don’t look at the twilight, nor the sky condition; those people around you telling you not to do it because they believe you don’t have enough time for finishing up are like the twilight while another set of people will not talk but their reaction is so discouraging are likened to the sky condition.
     People are meant to tell you stuffs according to their view, the factors they have, the level of the strategies, capacity of their thinking, the range of their network, rate of accuracy and so on. Get this straight, we all neither share the same worth nor value the same. What you see and believe 9 might looks like 6 to some people.
   Plan ahead, even if you have the shortest time at hand. Giving a chance for discouragement is highly detrimental to your master plan. Nobody is a highland of knowledge, so seek for advice, but shuffle it within you before you make use of it. Gather experience from a set of people to be experienced, meet people to know people, fight war to master Warzone, go through fire to bake your cake. What you covered for that short period of time is yours!


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