Trust Na Like Mirror

Trust Na Like Mirror

That trust we see be like mirror, you fit fix am if e break but the reflection go still dey there. You say na mistake but the worst thing be say I go feel like na me do the mistake cus I trust you. One african saying : “Fear person wey dey naked who come dey offer shirt” meaning no trust people wey never know how to love themselves and come open mouth tell you, ‘I love you.’

The beginning of love na the will to give chance for those people wey we love that little time and no be say go always wan fit them for our own image. If the love we get na because of what of their potentials and not for what and who them be then we no love them: only love we get for them na the reflection of ourselves wey we see in them, that one na wetin white people selfishness.
Friendship consist of only two things: Na respect and trust. This two most be involved and dey go dey mutual. Because you fit get respect for person and you no trust them, that kind friendship go get accident, somersault and las las e go crumble.


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