Tradition Is Not Mythical


Tradition Is Not Mythical

Tradition is the process of passing of belief or customs from one generation to another. In this term, it could be from a family or community regardless of the total number of people that are involved. Most important and key role of tradition is the chain of passing and following of certain things which could be a slang, steppings of dancing, types of food to eat, ways of greetings and other forms it could be.

From wikipedia phrasing out “according to tradition”, or “by tradition”, usually means that whatever information follows is known only by oral tradition, but is not supported (and perhaps may be refuted) by physical documentation, by a physical artifact, or other quality evidence.
This shows that tradition can not be changed or trying to make a little advancement to it so that it could be of standard to what modern world brought us.

Traditional dance is one of the typical example from the past till present. Modern world perception of traditional dance shows its has no critic side in any form. As it is in most artistic work, following the guidelines of each dance is the true beauty that blings out of a millions stone.

Tradition around the world

Let look at some of the traditions around the world:

Turkey — Heart-warming hospitality
Turkish hospitality should to be adopted worldwide to reduce the level of hatred, discrimination between the poor and rich, tribalism, religion atrocity and even most populous racism.

Kanamara matsuri in Japan
History says there was a demon possessing a vagina that ate penises in japan. The demon was defeated by a girl who asked a blacksmith to create a penis made of steel, which broke the demon’s teeth.
Since the victory of the girl, people of japan visit Kawasaki to celebrate the Kanamara Matsuri or penis festival every first sunday of April.

Famadihana in Madagascar
Famadihana is also called the turning of the bones. About every seven years, the living families dance with their dead ancestors to show them respect and also presenting the gifts.
They have been practicing this tradition in Madagascar for many years and their only intention is to continue transmitting it from present to coming generation.

Switzerland — Honesty shopping
This another tradition the whole world could adopt to make planet earth a better place for all. Small shops in Switzerland will be left opened to allow people to buy their fresh cheese, milk, bread, honey, and butter without anyone watching them. Most of the day during this time, no one will be in those opened shops because they are owned by farmers are in their farm workingphoto, so all you have to do is drop your money in a little basket or so.


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