Time No Dey Wait Man

Time No Dey Wait Man

No dey search for the meaning of life. Just make sure say you dey present for the all people wey you love. Life na from inside to outside. If you don shift the one wey dey inside, life go shift the one wey dey outside for you. As for me I love person wey dey smile for trouble. Life no be wetin happen for your past or one wey go still come your way. The life be like that thing them call “rhythm of the heart” — na for every breath, na for every blink of the eye. Na beat by beat, na moment by moment. 
Your time dey limit, so no go around dey waste am anyhow on top somebody life wey no care. 
Your goal for this life na to find those people wey need you most, business wey need you most, look for the project and art wey suit you most and go search for that thing wey belong to you wey dey wait patiently for you. No fall for rules wey person no dey question or doubt and that rule na to dey live with result of other people. Make you no dey allow other opinions kill that your inner voice. Always dey give yourself courage to follow your heart and intuition. Life na wetin dey happen for our environment when we dey cook other plans. Na very little we need for happy life and e dey within you, the way you dey think. 
Go out there do stuffs and do am close tight, get that desire to learn more. Pay attention. Attention dey vital and e go connect you with others. If you know say you love life, no waste time because time na wetin make up life. 


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