Whether you think say you fit do am or you think say you no fit do am, you dey right track. The only trouble wey dey for person wey get open mind be say people go dey come and go try put something inside. 
Albert Einstein talk say “the world as we create am na through our thinking so we no fit change
the world if we no change our thinking too”. Wetin you dey think big pass anything for this life – big pass wetin you dey earn, big pass where you dey live, big pass your social position, and big pass wetin people around you dey think of you self. 

We dey think too small, e be like frog wey dey well bottom of the well. E go dey think say the sky no big pass the well top. But if e comot well, e go realize say na different view.
So make we:
No just learn, experience.
No just read, absorb.
No just change, transform.
No just relate, advocate.
No just promise, prove.
No just criticize, encourage.
No just think, ponder.
No just dream, do. 
No just hear, listen.
No just talk, act.
No just tell, show.


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