Things Wey Scientists Say Make Wey Dey Expect For MMXX

Things Wey Scientists Say Make Wey Dey Expect For MMXX


Internet of Things na future and e get enabled devices, home appliances, cars and different things wey you fit connect am to and even exchange data for internet. Those gurus wey dey build am talk say na the beginning of IoT be this. IoT devices wey dey ground as at 2017 na 8.4 billions but dey expect the number to reach 30 billions for 2020.

You fit lock your door with this device if don forget make you do so on your way to work. The IoT go enable better safety, efficiency and even give strong decision for businesses as for all the data don dey hin head. E fit enable predictive maintenance, remind you when you suppose go for medical care, improve customer service, and give offer of good benefit wey we never even think of for now.


This na non-toxic but e dey effective kakaraka for mosquito wey dey disturb una. This one here go give you and your family joy on top those small small annoying pest wey dey chance you for your apartment.
E dey use UV light to attract and nack any mosquitoe wey fall for hin trap pestle for your home. Mosquitotron go come pull am close and give am kiss wey go dry am to death.


One of the thing wey dey make brushing no get effect na the kind of toothbrush wey you use. You go need carry your hard-earned money go dentist before them go wash am for you. But this new Sonicx Pro generation toothbrushes dey 10000 times more powerful pass any other electric toothbrush wey dey market.


We don see drone but this one na the new mini-drone for person wey just wan learn how to fly drone. E come in compact form of any other type wey dey out there, na small money you go buy and e be average size of smartphone. Just charge the battery like this, install the app before you open close your eyes e don dey work.


FIXED dey relatively new for innovative gadget wey go save your money on top unnecessary car repairs and e fit clear your mind for warning ⚠ light wey dey beep for your vehicle.
Just go buy one and plug am into your “car diagnostic port”, na this small device go dey tell you exactly wetin dey happen to your car in no time. But this device only work for cars wey them do since 1996 and the selling rate self don reach over 50 million dollars for last year 2018.


As we don hear AI and Machine Learning na so this Robotic Process Automation or RPA show face too for automation jobs. RPA dey make use of software to automate business processes like e go interpret applications for you, e go process your transactions, e go work on top your stack up data, and even e go reply your emails. You know say RPA fit work up to 45 percent of your activity even the work for financial managers, doctors and CEOs


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