The Running Clock

The Running Clock

Free bullets like free WiFi flying around. Stray bullets are not meant for innocent kids like us. Have you ever been hit so hard by life?
 Things are difficult and they smile like it’s okay. They are human being made of sand but with golden heart. They carry their burden and never blame their neighbour. They choose to smile and make people smile rather than making them sad because they want to smile. All things accrued either legally or illegally will all be done with…
 The running clock is what we all want to beat but none can get there before the clock in a bit, you can choose to be there on time or lately. Most important, is creating a space for yourself in the cosmos. Grow but not to be predator and you will be prey free. Don’t use weak people to grow, give them an opportunity to grow with you, lend them hand not using them as stepping stones. Help people facing plights to your ability and capability.


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