The Civilization Barriers

The Civilization Barriers

The world seems not to be a safe place for both the youngs and the old no more. A hurricane hits a day old baby, thunder striking without storm or weather reaction, family tiding is breaking because of love, money bringing-in betrayal, fornication and adultery are now custom, traditions never exist and culture is no more way of life. The sides of a coin; we choose to leave the green pasture and breeds the coming generation in the desert. We feed them with sands and a few drops of water formed from dew, we created a harsh world for them and the innocent kid wakes up to the crying moon at night. We joined the civilized society by trading our green pastures; attires, customs, traditions, dishes and so on for the other side (desert) that will never ever give us a green color but tan brown. Corruption is now like the air we can’t do without in our society. Our young one’s blood filled with stream of alcohol, smoking is now rated as being tough, taking of cocaine and propane flows in their vein as blood. They step out and feel great doing something wrong. Parents find it so difficult to stand up boldly about their children because they’ve “spare the rods and spoil the child”.
Let use these following questions to cross examine ourselves:
How many parents can stand up for their children? How many parents will be around their child when they need them most?
How many children get to seek advice from their so called parents?
How do you relate to your children, both male and female?
Do you know what they can do or not?
Do you know their friends?
Have you ever checked them physically, mentally and spiritually?
And lastly, Do you think youre a parent?
Nowadays, the relationship between children and parents are like that, of walnut (Tetracarpidium conophorum). They are staking their life on the run to achieve what will be done with bacause parents are getting tired of raising their children. You can can make use of this link to get to know about parenting in one of our posts that shows different types of parenting and procedure for being a better one.


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