Ply Your Paths

Ply Your Paths

Life is like a road with different paths. A road is a thoroughfare, route, or way on land between two places that has been surfaced. Each paths are constructed with different stages, which means if you don’t finish the first stage you won’t get on board for the next stage. And in each stage, are vehicles specially designed for each to ply.
Do you know that in life we thread different paths?
Some roads are narrow, some are cloudy, some are smooth, some are rough, some are mashy, some muddy and so on. 
Because they are moving fast you want to abandon your path and switch to fast line that will eventually shorten your life. Your vehicle is designed to move slow on the rough road, don’t cross the bridge and wreck it. It takes patience which is time to get to the rough road end. Never blame yourself or companion for going through wars, they’re predestined to make you stronger and redefine your strength and worth.

The vehicle shows your progress in life, don’t get off balance and wreck it.
The road shows the hardest pills you have to swallow.
Your heartbeat is your fuel, goals are achievable.
Your pride is your driving skill, always keep your head up and maintain your humility.
Advices are your road signs, follow it substantially.


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