Pikin Be Like Arrow For Warriors Hand

Pikin Be Like Arrow For Warriors Hand

Adults just be like outdated pikin

      Dr. Seuss

We suppose teach pikin how to think, no be wetin to think

     Margaret Mead

Legacy wey we suppose pass give our pikin and grandpikin no be money or stuff wey we gather for life but legacy for character and faith

      Billy Graham

We dey worry on to wetin pikin go be for future but we no dey see wetin the pikin be today

      Stacia Tauscher

Pikin no be thing wey we go mold but na thing wey we suppose unfold

       Jess Lair

Every of day for our lives we dey make deposit in to memory bank of our pikin

     Charles R. Swindoll

E dey very easy to build strong pikin pass make you dey try repair broke men

      Frederick Douglass

Wetin pikin need be models no be critics

       Joseph Joubert

Every pikin wey you encounter for life na divine appointment

     Wess Stafford

The kind power wey words get be say life fit be launched with small single phrase, uplifting word or be act of kindness. Make we think how we take use power and impact we fit make if start to dey encourage our pikin intentionally.  That our word be that very thing wey go help create future dreams. And sometimes those dreams be say make we just be who we be

Pikin be the greatest imitators. So make wey just give them something great make them imitate


Pikin never been good to dey listening to their elders but them never fail to imitate

      James Baldwin

Pikin be like wet cement whatever fall on top am go surely make impression

      Haim Ginott

Pikin be like beam of sunlight from Infinite and Eternal, wey get possibility for virtue and vice but as yet unstained

      Lyman Abbott

Pikin be the hand wey we take hold heaven

      Henry Ward Beecher

Pikin make your life dey important

       Erma Bombeck


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