Parents that failed to raise their child well will neither enjoy the child nor their life’s. Some of the parents later reliazed their mistake and accept it as yoke while others will never for a second accept to be blamed for their poor upbringing. A child growing up is likened to plant growing in nursery. And for this, they are not to be left alone with friends, neighbors and most especially strangers. What any growing up child will wake up to be in the nearest future depends on what they are giving them or how we are taking care of them.

 From the insight of observers, they concluded on four types of parental guard:

  1. Permissive Parenting: This type of parental guard is the producer of “Spoilt brat”. They want the best for their kid(s) with no discipline. All they care of is showing and giving love without shaping the kid’s moral.
  2. Authoritarian Parenting: They are likened to tyranny leader with one way sight which is discipline and shaping of character. They never have time to discuss with their kids but all is to give punishment.
  3. Uninvolved Parenting : This type of parenting is neither permissive nor authoritarian in nature. They come in different form which is the most poor parenting when relating to the aforementioned. Neither love nor discipline seems to be present here, they never even pretend to be lovely or harsh.
  4. Authoritative Parenting: This is the most suitable and acceptable form of parenting in the whole world. They also come balancing the scale by showing and sharing love extensively and never wait a second to spare the rod when it is suppose to be used. 
-Seed Stage: This is the stage you lay the foundation of what you want to instigate into your kids. They really don’t know what good and what’s bad, give them much love but little discipline. The sentence “he/she is still young” has spoilt many children’s life today. Let them realise in a little way that they’ve wronged.
Germination: They will start reacting to the little discipline you’re giving and turn a new leaves with it. At this stage, they quickly drift off after doing bad thing and feel sober for they know correction will come.
-Growth: This stage is very important for both sex but crucial for the females. Adolescent stage comes with a lot that must be taking good care of because they believe at this stage that they can decide for themselves. Parent have to be 50/50 with them, how? Discipline and Counseling!. 

Counsel your children yourself before they counsel them. 

-Reproduction: What you planted in them and raised them with, will be what will be sent down to the coming generation.


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