No Get Discourage On Top Others Success

No Get Discourage On Top Others Success

The struggle wey you dey face today na to develop that strength you go need for tomorrow. You for learn to see your struggle as opportunity wey go make you become stronger and better, wey go make you dey think say I fit do am no matter wetin wan happen. Struggle wey we face at times na wetin we need for life, we for no fit and hold our ground as we dey so. E dey make us patient, we go be sensitive and even Godlike. E dey show us say suffernes dey for this world and make we dey overcome am dey too. No get discourage on top others success, follow your own ladder and never give up because we dey grow as we dey struggle and wey dey overcome as we dey learn new ways to face obstacles. If struggle no dey that means say progress no go dey, as you dey struggle, continue to dey climb. E fit be only step wey you go take reach acme. Oprah Winfrey talk say the struggle wey I face for my life don create empathy – I fit relate am to pain, abandon, people wey dey around no love me. 
True struggle dey happen when you fit sense things wey no dey work for you and you don ready to knack am to correct posture. Struggle na the food wey we prepare on to say we want change and when you fit get better result from your struggle na when e still dey for your side because every struggle for your life don shape you into who you be today. Make you be thankful for hard times wey make you stronger and triumph.


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