Our life exempt from public haunt, we go see tongues in trees, we go see books for running brooks, we go hear sermons from stones, and good dey every every

       William Shakespeare

If we wan cherish wetin remain for Earth, na to foster hin renewal be only our legitimate hope we get survival

      Wendell Berry

Na nature go bear closest inspection. She invite us come see her smallest leaf, and take insect view of hin plain

      Henry David Thoreau

Na the good man be friend of all living things

      Mahatma Gandhi

Words like nature, na half reveal and half conceal the soul within

      Alfred Lord Tennyson

Butterfly no dey  count months but moments and e dey get enough time

       Rabindranath Tagore

Allow make rain kiss you . Allow make rain beat your head with silver liquid drops. Allow make rain sing you a lullaby 

      Langston Hughes

My soul no fit find staircase go Heaven unless  through Earth loveliness


O, wind, if winter don come, hope spring no go dey far behind?

      Percy Bysshe Shelley

Once sea don casts hin spell,e dey hold one for hin net to wonder forever

      Jacques Yves Cousteau

Every water drop you don drink, every breath you don take, you dey connected to sea. Anywhere you dey for this Earth. Most oxygen wey dey atmosphere, na sea dey generate am

      Sylvia Earle

We get capacity to receive messages from  stars and songs of night winds

      Ruth St . Denis

I think I shall never see any lovely poem pass tree

      Joyce Kilmer


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