Na Who Knack IRAQ-IRAN Weapon Shipment?

Na Who Knack IRAQ-IRAN Weapon Shipment?

As wetin dey sup be say unidentified airstriker don launch attack on some areas today Friday January 2020 wey them consider Iranian interests in the morning.

An unidentified airstrike for Syria side don kill more than eight fighters wey be say na Iraq Iran force call PMF popular Mobilization Force get am. Rami Abdel Rahman wey be the head of the Syrian Observatory on to Human Rights talk say the yawa claim at least eight Iraqi Hashed fighters. The aircraft wey them never identify na hin pop out wetin cause the explosion for Albu Kamal area.

The reason why them knack am like that na because of ammunition wey the groups dey move to Lebanese wey belong to Imam Ali Brigade, a shiite militia for PMF. Britain-based organization talk say that weapons shipment to Lebanese na for terror group call Hezbollah.


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