Na Only Few Dey Escape Depressions

Na Only Few Dey Escape Depressions

E dey very hard to explain for people wey never smell depression before how e taste. When you don lost onto depression, e go take sometimes before person go know say him don lost. You fit dey reason say you just wander comot path, I go soon get road wey go lead me home but night dey fall each day and you never know which kind mess you enter because this depression be like internal injury wey everybody dey carry hin own around. People dey compare sadness with depression, sadness be like cold just hold on small e go relief but depression be like cancer who dey escape am no plenty. Some wounds no dey show for body but make I tell you e hurt pass that kind wound wey dey carry blood. Shey we fit say questions wey no get answers wey we dey ask ourselves na hin dey cause depression because depression na inability to construct future. E don dey push my people to wetin them no dey do before for this life like some people go start to dey drink to stupor, some people go dey take drugs because stuff plenty out for their shoulder and wetin fit kill am na do something to deal with am. People wey don face depression be like:
And I feel like my heart don get thoroughly and irreparably broken that I dey think am say real joy no dey again. Everybody wan make I get help and rejoin life, make pick up wetin remain and move on. Me too try am make I comot for there but I just no fit push myself.
I no fit be with people and I no wan be alone. I just meet myself for outside far away from the world and I come dey see people from a far. Watching the world as e dey close and I no get place for universe again.  


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