Move On

Move On

No matter how hard situation be, always try to dey secure place for yourself for this cosmos. Things wey no dey get tire dey run for your mind like :
all the hates, lies, storm wey you face, promise wey them no fulfill and dey take their life swear, sey the betrayals, hard part of life wey you face alone, when e dey rain with no umbrella, sun dey scorch and no where to hide, bridges dey burn, road dey tear apart, whirlwind dey blow nowhere to run, those who you dey call friends no wan see you around again, some dey backstitch, some family dey hide when dey hear your voice, lovers only love when you get rabba, you cry no shoulder wey go learn on.
Never think to hurt anybody as them betray you and no spend your time dey think say consequences go soon hit them, that mean say you wan add to one wey ground before. Obstacles and plights na to wake us up so walk a thousand miles to be wetin you suppose be. Carrie Underwood talk say “every day na new day, and you no go find happiness if you no move on” .


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