Make We Take Love Start MMXX

Make We Take Love Start MMXX

I dey selfish, impatient and little insecure. I make mistakes, I no dey control myself and dey hard to handle. But if you fit handle me for my worst, then you sure like hell you no deserve me for my best

                                       Marilyn Monroe

You dance like nobody dey watch. Love like your heart never break, sing like nobody dey listen, and live like na heaven on earth

                                    William W. Purkey

You know say you don love when you no fit sleep because reality dey better pass your dreams

                                                     Dr. Seuss

Friend na person wey sabi you very well and still love you 

                                          Elbert Hubbard

E better make them hate you for who you be pass make them love you for wetin you no be

                                                  Andre Gid

No be lack of love, na lack of friendship wey dey bring unhappy marriage

                            Friedrich Nietzsche

Love all, trust a few, no wrong anybody

                                William Shakespeare 

When someone dey give you deep love e go give you strength, when you come dey give someone deep love that one go give you courage

                                                    Lao Tzu

Lady imagination dey very rapid; e jump from admiration to love, from love to matrimony sharply

                                              Jane Austen

Just when you dey think say no yawa, e fit be. When comot dey reason say e no fit good, e fit be

                                            Nicholas Sparks

You be my best friend and my lover, and I no know which side of I enjoy pass. I treasure each side, just like I treasure our life

                                           Nicholas Sparks

I go always prefer make I dey happy than dignified

                                         Charlotte Brontë

Na where love dey life go dey 

                                        Mahatma Gandhi

Some woman dey follow man around and some woman dey follow their dreams. If you come dey wonder which way you go follow, remember say your career go never wake up and tell you say e love you again

                                             Lady Gaga

I fit do anything for those who be my real friends. I no dey love people partially, e no be my nature

                                           Jane Austen

Love no dey die of naturally. Wetin dey kill am be say we no know how we go take replenish hin source. E dey die of blindness and errors and betrayals. E dey die of illness and wounds; e dey die of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings

                                            Anais Nin

If on to say I dey get flower for every time I dey think of you…I go dey walk through my garden forever

                                     Alfred Tennyson

The real lover be the man wey go thrill you for he go kiss your forehead or smile to your eyes or just dey stare space

                                        Marilyn Monroe

Right, of course. But you sabi keep promise anyway. Na wetin be love be that. Love na to keep promise anyway

                                              John Green

So, I love you because say entire universe join me conspire to find you

                                       Paulo Coelho


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