Love On Jumah day(Friday)

Love On Jumah day(Friday)

Truly, Allah go say on Day of Resurrection: Where those wey be say dey love each other for sake of My glory? Today, I go shelter them in My shade, a Day wey be say no other shade go dey but Mine

        Sahih Muslim 2566

Love for people wetin you love for yourself and you go be believer. Behave well with your neighbors and you go be Muslim

       Sunan Ibn Majah

When we dey talk marriage, Allah say your spouses be your garments. Garment fit or no fit make sense for body but either way, e cover imperfections, protects and beautifies

      Yasmin Mogahed

Marriage wey go be successful require to dey fall in love many times always with same person

       Waleed Basyouni

Make we let wetin we love be beauty for wetin we dey do. Hundreds ways dey we fit kneel and kiss the ground


Nobody but noble man go treat women in honourable manner, and nobody but an ignorant go treat women disgracefully


Love be this: to fly toward a secret sky, to dey cause hundred veils to dey fall each moment. First make you let go of life. Finally na to take a step without feet



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