Just Hold On

Just Hold On

When person wey you love die, that one na gift for “second chance”. The eulogy wey e dey pass be say who still dey alive fit turn their lives around.

Past no trap you; na who you be be that. E dey remind you say your feelings no be who you be , but how you dey feel for that moment. Your bad choices na for yesterday but e no fit your body today. Your future no need to follow same path with same people. 
You fit start again. You no need make you apologize to people wey no care, na wasting of precious time. You no need to dey do follow up for people wey dey insecure and no wan make you grow. Wetin you go just do be say move on with positive mind and believe say God’s plan dey stronger pass all your sadness wey you don face. Those people wey get that kind quality wey go blow you no go question your moves.


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