How You Fit Trace Your Missing Or Stolen Phones

How You Fit Trace Your Missing Or Stolen Phones

If you don lost your mobile phone, you no need go meet police to trace am.

Each phone get unique carrier
IMEI no. i.e. International Mobile Equipment Identity No na that number go make am dey very easy to track.

Track am like this:

1. Dial *#06# on top your mobile.

2. Your mobile phone go show you unique 15 digit.

3. Write am for somewhere wey dey very secretive because na wetin you need be that if them steal am.

4. As dey steal am like this just E-mail that unique 15 digit IMEI No. dey you copy down down to with details as stated below:

Your name:____________________
Phone model:_____________
Last used No.:_____________
E-mail for communication:_
Missed date:_________________
IMEI No :_______________________

5. Na them go trace your Mobile within next 24 hours on to the power GPRS and internet. Later dey go text you where your phone dey and new number wey dey inside am.

6. As this don land go knack the detail for police station straight.


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