How Family Be For Your Side?

How Family Be For Your Side?

Work na work but family na for life. Na wetin matter to me be that

      Akshay Kumar

My family na my life, and everything else wey come my way na second as far as wetin important to me

      Michael Imperioli

To dey see family na very important part for my weekend    

       Susannah York

Family na unique gift wey we suppose dey appreciate and treasure, even when them dey drive you crazy. As them dey make you mad, interrupt you, annoy you, curse  you, try control you, na the people wey know you best and wey love you

       Jenna Morasca

I think family be like key, and if you get love for family, then you go get love for others – and you go get unity as people   

      Marlon Wayans

 Most important thing for this world na family and love John Wooden

As for me, family go always come first; I fit do anything to protect them

      Mark Wahlberg

God and family dey important. Money, cars, things like that go come and go

      Fabrice Muamba

Wetin dey important na family, friends, make you dey give back to your community and to dey find meaning for life

      Adrian Grenier

If family na most important thing for life. I dey always see am this way: One day go come wey I go dey hospital somewhere with four walls around me. And only people who go dey there with me go be my family

       Robert Byrd

My family na my guide to my reality

      Haywood Nelson

My family na everything. I be wetin I be thanking my mother, my father, my brother, my sister… because them give me everything. The education wey I get na from them


I be minimalist. I no really need much to enjoy a good holiday – just my family and bare essentials

      Jean Reno

E take lot of work to dey together for marriage, to dey together for family and home

      Elizabeth Edwards


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