Hate Is Darkness

Hate Is Darkness

Darkness no fit drive out darkness: na only light fit do that. Hate no fit drive out hate: only love fit do that.

C. JoyBell C. say and I quote am:
“Nothing in this world be “broken family.” Family na family, and you no fit determine am by marriage certificates, divorce papers, and adoption documents. Na from your heart you go create families. That time wey family go become null na when that ties for the heart don cut. If you don cut those ties, people wey involve no be your family again. And if you choose to tie am, na those people wey dey involve be your family. If you come hate those ties, them still be your family oga for the reason be say whatever you hate go always dey with you.”
Them talk say opposite of love na hate, bros na indifference. No hate something or someone if you wan forget am, or no hate him/her. Because everything and everyone wey you hate so tey go be be like carve on top your heart; if you wan forget something, you really wan forget am, no try hate am.
Make you dey smile, no dey worry at all.
Make you dey help, no dey judge.
Make you stay blessed, no dey stress yourself .
Show love, no hate.
Because when you no see person hate, you go start to hate una self


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