Golden Morning Sun

Golden Morning Sun

If you wake up in the morning, look up to the sky and catch the glimpse of the golden morning sun. It brings smiles and peace of mind because it’s a proof of another better day. People in love see it as the best sign of the beginning of love, it can be used as covenant of love because we wake up everytime looking towards a brighter day filled with love. It shows us the chance to continue where we stopped from in the past. The golden morning sun sends us messages everyday of the first days of the beginning of the world when everything was calm and restful.  If not for the heat generated from the sun, Earth would have been frozen. Without the sun, we have no winds, no ocean currents, or clouds for water transportation. If you’re one of the few that each of is day always brings wonderful transformation and all he could see is good git of life, then you properly believe God has made morning sun one of the sources of happiness.  Or you don’t know about rainbow you’re always excited to see coming up in the sky couldn’t be more beautiful because its the sun that back up the rain. We can’t grow without the warmth of the sun because its cares and help us to move on to deal with both good and bad, and to make others feel good.


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