Family Na Family

Family Na Family

The matter don dey before say no two family go look alike. Your relative fit dey noisy and crazy but your family be your family. And no matter wetin fit happen your family go take big part for who you be because to be family mean say you be part of something wey wonderful. E mean say you go love and be love for rest of your life. For family life, love na oil wey dey ease friction and na music wey dey bring harmony.  You see that strength and security family dey provide, the way family take love you fit drive insane small. Rock wey I know wey steady, institution wey I know wey no close work be family. Trenton Lee Stewart talk say
call am clan, call am network, call am tribe, call am family: Whatever you call am, whoever you be, you go always need one. Family members fit be your best friends. And best friends whether or not dey related to you, fit be your family.”


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