Fake People

Fake People

You wey get problem bin yourself, how you go succeed if you dey live as person wey you no be

      Edmond Mbiaka

Wetin be the point if you pretty for outside when you so ugly for insde

       Jess C. Scott

Living fake life self na fulltime job. Why you come put unnecessary burden for your shoulder, when you fit live freely if you dey live your life

       Edmond Mbiaka

Share your weaknesses. Share your hard moments. Share your real side. Maybe e go scare away every fake person for your life or e fit inspiration wey go make dem let go of mirage called “perfection,” wey go open doors for most important relationships wey you never be part of

       Dan Pearce

Na reaction wey we dey give life go show person character NO be where we dey sit on Sunday

       Navonne Johns

 When don see wetin genuine, you no need to dey deal with fakes again

      Nima davani

People dey wear mask of lie everyday so them go look attractive, my friend dey very careful

       Muhammad Saqib

Some people try to dey appear like say everything about them na ” black and white,” until las las their true colors show face

      Anthony Liccione

I prefer to dey surround myself with people who dey reveal their imperfection rather than people who dey fake their perfection

       Charles F. Glassman

Fake people be like soap bubbles, na sun go pop them out as e shine brightly

      Chiranjude Bird

Life too short for fake butter or fake people

      Karen Salmansohn

Na crime this today if you dey too nice. Fake friends dey every where around you. Them go use you and as you don dey of use no more, shot put una away like wrapper


The word “friend” na label wey anyone fit try on. Na you go decide who e go best suit to wear am

      Carlos Wallace


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