Education Na Way Of Life

Education Na Way Of Life

Education na to improve lives of others and to give your community and world better things wey better pass how you meet am. E dey important make we dey keep learning. Education na one of important things wey we fit do today to secure our futures. Na education go give us understanding on to world wey dey around us and e go offer us opportunity wey we go take use that knowledge. On top this matter, make we forget race and gender, na education dey make am possible for people to stand gidigba say we all dey equal for this life.

Education dey middle of every every wey good for this world today. If education no dey we for no get any advancement for education, computers, mathematics, psychology, engineering and other aspect wey you think of. Since you don ready and you know say you able to learn, you go need that mind sey sufferness dey there. Na the koko why e good to send pikin go learn when them still young before them go start to show self-esteem. Some quote talk say:

  •  Education na the passport to future, for tomorrow belong to person wey dey prepare today.
  •  Na your attitude, no be your aptitude, go determine your altitude.
  • If you think say education dey expensive, go try ignorance.
  • That person wey dey educated na the one wey don sabi how to learn …and change.


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