E Dey Within You

E Dey Within You

No spend all of una time finding yourself. My friend spend that little time wey you get go create yourself, the kind of person you and your family go dey proud of.

Person suppose know himself oh. Even if this no give am clue to discover the truth e dey look for, at least e go serve as golden rule of life and the truth be say nothing better pass am.
Yourself wey you dey find fit be hiding somewhere, look am within you cus e no far at all and as you don catch am like this then you fit be wetin you wan be.  
See to know others na intelligence but to know yourself na true wisdom. If you master others that one na strength but if you master yourself that one na true power.     

E remind of a poem:
You yan me sometimes ago 
Say you wan go find yourself 
Wan find yourself for this world 
And I tell you say
My friend, look am within you,
For you to look in this world 
Na within you.

You yan me sometimes ago 
Say you wan save 
The world from the ups and downs wey dey happen 
And I tell you say
My friend, na to save yourself first
From the world wey we dey,
And the ups and downs 
You go put yourself. 


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