Gida Hills Biography

Gida Hills Biography

Gida Hills Biography

Full name: Olaide Ibrahim Owolabi
Known as: Gida Hills
Professions: Singer and songwriter
Place of birthday: Lagos State
Relationship Status: Single
Name of parents: Engr and Mrs Olaide
Height: 5’9
Hometown: Lagos
Funfact: Terrible cook

Born Olaide Ibrahim Owolabi is a Nigeria singer and songwriter artist. He was born in Lagos to Engr and Mrs Olaide and grew up with 4 siblings.
He attended Tobi Nursery and Primary School and then moved to Ijebu Ode Grammar School. He acquired B.Ed in petrol chemical science from Tai Solarin University of Education in the year 2014.
He started music back in secondary when he used to write songs for his friends but started recording in university and also featured in some artists’ song in the campus. He recorded his first track which was a fusion of high life in 2010 titled “Miliki“. He recently dropped EP titled Very Rare Boy.


  1. Miliki(2010)
  2. Tasued Anthem X AC X Ralio X Dablue(2011)
  3. Dagboru refix X Ralio(2012)
  4. Searching X Preacher Mafioso (2013)
  5. Aunty Tawa(2014)
  6. Snow White(2015)
  7. Bariga(2016)
  8. Super blessings(2016)
  9. Farabale(2017)
  10. Sugar Lady(2018)
  11. Maniggar(2018)
  12. Loving you(2019)
  13. Legwork(2019)
  14. Bugatti(2019)
  15. Get down(2019)
  16. Party on a Monday(2019)

Featured Artists:

  • Ralio
  • Rudy
  • Tido Razzy
  • Ac
  • Dablue
  • Preacher Mafioso


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