You be man of passion, hungry man no know where him appetite dey, frustrated man dey strive to showcase him individuality against a backdrop of rigid conformity. You dey strong kakaraka, but that flaw wey dey your strength ehn, and if you no learn control am my oga that flaw go grow stronger pass your strength and e fit defeat you join am. That flaw? Na bomb emotional reaction ooh for all proportion wey dey occasion. Wetin happen? Why this kind unreasonable anger for happy people or person wey dey content, this lack of behaviour to show respect wey dey grow wings for people and sometimes you go dey think make you hurt them? Suuu, you dey think say them be mumu abi, you no like them cus you think them morals, them happiness na hin be your source of frustration and resentment. But na this kind dreadful enemies you dey carry around the community, oga in time e dey destructive like bullets. That one come sweet somehow, reason be say bullet go kill hin victim jejely. The other one na bacteria, forget age, bacteria no dey kill man but go leave am make the creature like hulk dey awake so hin fit tear and twist am; him dey carry blazing fire inside but still dey alive for him don dey heartbrick upon it faggots of scorn and hate. He fit dey successfully accumulate, but him no accumulate success, na him be hin own enemy and that thing no allow make oga enjoy him achievements.


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